AI Writers User Interview #1 English Teacher

Launched by AI Network, AI Writers is a model that uses artificial intelligence to complete sentences, used to present the following sentence by installing it on the Chrome Extension and pressing the Shift key twice.

It can be used on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and other personal documents.

We’ve met various users who use AI Writers in personally. One of the most important skills in life is said to be “writing”. Perhaps the reason why writing is difficult is there is no correct answer. Writing is perhaps the most human-like work, as there is a saying that writing, which does not fall apart like a mathematical formula, captures the writer’s heart. What will happen if artificial intelligence helps you write? How can AI Writers, created to help the process of writing that turns “My Own” into “Everyone’s Language”, innovate writing, the most human-like area. From what perspective do users look at an artificial intelligence writer? Use itself can contains stories of various people. The first interview is Lee Yu-mi, who is in her eighth year as an English teacher at a high school who lives a daily life with English.

-Hello. Please introduce yourself briefly.

Hello, I’m Lee Yumi, an English teacher for 8 years. Currently, I am in charge of English class for 3rd grade students in high school.

-How interested are you in artificial intelligence? What comes to your mind when you think of artificial intelligence?

I am not so sure. It’s a word that’s often on the news these days, so I think the era of artificial intelligence is coming, but I don’t know how much artificial intelligence is affecting my life. Actually, my way of life is more analog than anyone else. Ah, I use a shopping app in my smartphone, sometimes I think about AI when the products I’ve seen appear on Facebook ads. It’s an example of artificial intelligence, right? I don’t have anything else.Nothing else comes to mind.

- Do you think it is possible for artificial intelligence to replace humans in creative fields such as writing?

Well,I don’t know. I heard that artificial intelligence draws pictures, I think it would be too hard for writers if the era of AI writing comes. I think it’s possible. I can hear that Lee Se-dol, a go player lost to AI. Maybe AI is better than humans in various areas such as translation.

-AI Writers uses English as the basic language, so you need English to use it.

Since I studied for a long time, I think I can communicate well as a foreign English learner. I can speak English without any difficulty.

-Are you using a chrome extension?

No, I’ve never heard of it before.

Love is about not taking, taking what is given. For our lives are like a river or a stream, which flow into each other and fill each other. This is a pome AI Writers wrote. Someone only gave AI ‘Love is’ and and Artificial intelligence has completed the rest. How do you feel about that?

Oh! That’s pretty good. I think it would be good to ask students to do this. Like “Get help from AI first and add my thoughts and write a poem.” I’d like to give a assignment to the students.

-Do you think you’ve seen anything similar to AI Writers in your life?
I didn’t think about it before. If there’s something I use the most while using English as a business, there’s a Naver Papago. Papago is also known as an artificial intelligence translator. I think this is not a simple translation program like Papago, but more higher platform. They even suggest writing a composition.

-If you could write a composition with AI Writers.
I am an english teacher (Press Shift twice) and my husband is a carpenter. I have always wanted a large bed. We have 3 kids and were going to buy a place there for the kid to grow up in.

Interesting! Actually my husband is a developer. Anyway, it’s interesting that artificial intelligence is this much.

-Did you have any expectations for AI?

Yes. I have faith and expectation in big data that AI can possess. Also, I’m curious about how accurate it is. I don’t think it’s a perfect sentence right now. But I have high expectations on how much more logical sentences will be presented by AI that are appropriate for the context and do not interfere with the flow of the text.

-Are you willing to continue using it? How can we use it?

Since I’m a teacher, I think I’m going to use it first in class. Course-centered writing classes such as pre-writing->drafting->feedback->revise->final writing are emphasized in the school field. Also, it’s already widely implemented as a performance evaluation. I think students with various English skills can use it as a help device to get various ideas about the topic in the pre-writing stage.

Also, I think it can be a fun learning tool to choose the sentence that matches the most in a quiz form. Also, I think I can write my own composition in addition to the sentences that AI Writers write. However, the school cannot use the computer in class, so that must be a limit. Ah! Anyway, if you use it, you can get a coin that you can cash in. it’ll feel like you’ll get paid for the academy instead of paying for it. That’s new.

-What’s the shortage?

I think the target audience of AI Writers is unclear. I think the user should use it with a clear purpose of writing English on their own. I don’t think Koreans need to use AI Writers to write English.

-Have you changed your mind about AI?

Yes, I thought AI is a computer that can think logically like humans. I think it was because I didn’t have much experience in my daily life to experience with artificial intelligence. I want to know more about it after writing it myself with AI Writers. First of all, if I use this for fun at home when I go to an English academy, my English will definitely improve. I’d like to try writing an English diary every day. Above all, I think it’s interesting that I can train and interact with artificial intelligence. Until now, it was someone else’s business.

Mrs. Lee commented that it would be good to use AI Writers as a tool to teach or write English on the school site, or English education institutions as writing different writings on the same subject. People often think that artificial intelligence is a perfect, unapproachable thing. It should not be overlooked that artificial intelligence is ultimately created by “people.” Depending on how we utilize it, artificial intelligence may be a great companion that makes our lives richer. That’s why there are so many possibilities for this reason.

Try AI Writers and give us your feedback!

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