AI Writers User Interview #2 Software Engineer

Launched by AI Network, AI Writers is a model that uses artificial intelligence to complete sentences, used to present the following sentence by installing it on the Chrome Extension and pressing the Shift key twice.

It can be used on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and other personal documents.

We’ve met various users who use AI Writers in personally. One of the most important skills in life is said to be “writing”. Perhaps the reason why writing is difficult is there is no correct answer. Writing is perhaps the most human-like work, as there is a saying that writing, which does not fall apart like a mathematical formula, captures the writer’s heart. What will happen if artificial intelligence helps you write? How can AI Writers, created to help the process of writing that turns “My Own” into “Everyone’s Language”, innovate writing, the most human-like area. From what perspective do users look at an artificial intelligence writer? Use itself can contains stories of various people. We met Jeong-Eun, Park, software engineer of US startup as our second interviewee.

-Hello, please introduce yourself briefly.

Hello, I’m Jeong Eun Park, working as a SW engineer in an American start-up.

-How interested are you in artificial intelligence? I am interested in finding new articles about artificial intelligence. Is artificial intelligence related to the field of work in the company?

Actually, it’s not directly related to my field. However, our COO is working on artificial intelligence. We have plan to release AI product specifically.There is nothing fixed or decided, but now it is just an attempt.

-What comes to your mind when you think of artificial intelligence? As a SW major, I think you might have an idea when you think of ‘artificial intelligence’.

Artificial intelligence may be a friend who makes everyday life convenient for the general public, but I think artificial intelligence is too difficult for person like me. Because I do computer-related job, sometimes I think artificial intelligence is like a competitor in computer studying. I think artificial intelligence will code itself instead of me later.

- Do you think it is possible for artificial intelligence to replace humans in areas of creativity such as writing?

Yes. I’ve already seen a movie made with a scenario created by artificial intelligence. In addition, it is now common to encounter artificial intelligence paintings. In this regard, I think it is possible for artificial intelligence to replace humans in the realm of creation. I think we can develop further from now on. In some ways, I think there could be creations that people didn’t even think of.

-Do you use a chrome extension?

Yes. I use programs like BetterTTV, Talent API tester, VPN, and other security programs. Especially, in the case of API tester, I can test receiving API requests and response from the server in advance and find out what format it comes in. In short, it’s an extension that checks what kind of server the Internet is. There are many kinds, but I’m using this extension because it’s comfortable.

-Have you ever seen anything similar to AI Writers in your life?

No. I’ve seen artificial intelligence writes movie scenarios and artificial intelligence draws pictures. When I draw on the screen roughly, AI used to change it into a nice picture. I think I used it because I was curious about how it works.

-If you work for an American company, you will have a lot of worries about English as a Korean. How do you usually get help in English?

I was wondering if AI Writers would present colloquialisms, but I think only formal sentences are presented. I don’t think I get help from any tools when I work. When I work at a company and want to find a natural expression when I have an English conversation, I just google it. Searching the English expression on Google is really helpful to find native expression.

-What if you could write a composition with AI Writers?

I did it before the interview because I was curious. I really like the book ‘Alice in Wonderland”. So I put the parts from the book.(It’s a sentence in a square box below)

AI Writers answered “You have no right to take anything so sweet at once”. It was fun because the context seemed to be working well. So, I thought it would be a great tool for writers who are engaged in writing.

-Did you have any expectations for AI?
Rather than having new expectations, I just think AI will develop further in the future.

-Do you feel like AI recommends sentences?
Yes, from the point of view of a major. From the perspective of a major, I know that recommended sentences can’t just come out, so I can see that artificial intelligence works. I don’t think the general public knows whether it’s because AI is working or if it’s recommended because there’s already a set phrase. Right now, I can’t see anything and only recommendations are posted. It would be good if you could tell me the process of how AI Writers recommends sentences.

- Would you be willing to continue using AI Writers in the future? What purpose can you use it for?

If I were a writer who writes in English, I would write about how I could express myself next time. And I had a question, if I were a commercial writer, I was wondering if the copyright issue was okay when I wrote the sentences that AI suggested.

-Were there any deficiencies while using it?

I pressed Shift twice, but there’s nothing in particular that pops up, so I don’t know if it’s working or not. I think it’d be good to add more visual parts. I think it would be better if it’s wrapped nicely. If the sentences that come out are presented in spoken language, I think we can use them more friendly.

- Has the existing perspective on AI changed while using it?

I don’t think there was an impact enough to change my mind. Most amazing part was that natural sentences come out well. But I think it’s still a long way from following human writing skills. The quality of sentences varies depending on the situation.

-Have you ever heard of GPT-2 or GPT-3 as a SW major?

I’ve never heard of it before. I searched it and it’s been a while since it came out. I don’t think anyone who is not interested in NLP and artificial intelligence would know. I personally didn’t know because I was more interested in visual computing or computer graphics.

-How much do you know about Natural Language Processing (NLP)?

I learned it in my undergraduate class. I learned basic word tokenization. I learned how to stem. I also have experience in natural language processing projects. In the school NLP class, the professor simply mentioned the latest technologies. I think we usually learn the basic methodology of NLP at school.

-How do you feel about the connection between AI Writers and NLP? (from 1 to 10 points)

It has the name AI Writers written on it. Before the installation, I expected, “Since I had to use it for writing, natural language processing must have been used.” I was amazed that the sentences suggested by AI Writers were more natural than I expected. I think it led to a much better result than the NLP I experienced when I was an undergraduate.

- Is there any element that appeals to developers/majorists from the perspective of majoring in SW?

I think there should be a variety of models to use/select. I think it would be fun to have a model with natural colloquialisms and a model with all sentences as a joke. If you show many models to users, some users might say, “I want to make and use models like this”. It would be useful if there is a function to add models freely so that people who have interest can test themselves. To be honest, building a test environment is also a hassle. If AI Writers set all of this up, I think developers will try it. However, if developers are not interested in NLP, I don’t think they will be interested. From the perspective of a major, I think they would be most curious about what dataset they used for AI Writers. They’ll be curious about the process itself how AI Writers learned the dataset and how AI Writers did it for natural sentence syntax. And I think AI Writers can approach developers with a mission to develop their own interface, visual, and extension.

It was time to hear different views of AI Writers from the perspective of software engineers. It should not be overlooked that artificial intelligence is ultimately created by ‘people’. Depending on how we utilize it, artificial intelligence may be a great companion that makes our lives richer. That’s why there are so many possibilities for this reason.

Let’s make it happen, together! Try AI Writers and give us your feedback!

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