AI Writers User Interview #3 College Students

Launched by AI Network, AI Writers is a model that uses artificial intelligence to complete sentences, used to present the following sentence by installing it on the Chrome Extension and pressing the Shift key twice.

It can be used on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and other personal documents.

We’ve met various users who use AI Writers in personally. One of the most important skills in life is said to be “writing”. Perhaps the reason why writing is difficult is there is no correct answer. Writing is perhaps the most human-like work, as there is a saying that writing, which does not fall apart like a mathematical formula, captures the writer’s heart. What will happen if artificial intelligence helps you write? How can AI Writers, created to help the process of writing that turns “My Own” into “Everyone’s Language”, innovate writing, the most human-like area. From what perspective do users look at an artificial intelligence writer? Use itself can contains stories of various people. We met Hyunjoo and Seokhwan, college students as a third interviewee.

-Have you ever used a chrome extension?

Yes, I have. I used Grammarly, which automatically checks English grammar. Gmail basically doesn’t have a reception verification function, but it also uses a reception verification function that allows you to check this on the Chrome extension.

-Do your friends use chrome extensions?

A lot of people use chrome extensions.

-Are you satisfied with the results of using AI Writers?
There are 3 recommended sentences. About 30% of the results were quite good, I think there was one sentence that I could use. When I don’t have anything I want, I pressed the recommendation button(Put shift button twice) again. The most impressive thing was that AI Writers gave a fresh expression I would never have written. They actually gave some kind of teasing expressions. It was fun.

-Have you used any other artificial services?
I’ve used a tarot chatbot called Ramama. I think I used it after seeing what was shared on Facebook. I also used the Hellobot app.

-Have you heard about the blockchain?
I know the concept. Just to record the fact that they’ve been distributed or traded? I’ve heard that there’s also a Bitcoin paper.

-Have you heard about GPT 3?
No, I’ve never heard of it.

-How should people use AI Writers?
People who are interested in English like me can use it, but I don’t know exactly which direction it is used. I am good at English, but I use a translator on purpose when I write. After I use English, I’ll change it to Korean. If you think your Korean is weird after seeing the results, you can change your English again. I indirectly check whether my writing is a good expression or not with a translator. On the contrary, if you write in Korean and change it to English, there are more expressions than you think. If you modify it and write it in English, you can avoid repetitive expressions.Wouldn’t you be able to write more interesting sentences if you could get more recommendations? I’d like to make more use cases.^^

It was time to hear different views of AI Writers from the perspective of software engineers. It should not be overlooked that artificial intelligence is ultimately created by ‘people’. Depending on how we utilize it, artificial intelligence may be a great companion that makes our lives richer. That’s why there are so many possibilities for this reason.

Let’s make it happen, together! Try AI Writers and give us your feedback!

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