Complete your writing with AI

Artificial intelligence has the potential to change the way we live including writing. Recently, We launched new AI Writers. If you don’t know what to write in the next sentence, ask help to AI Writers.

  1. Click the link below and Install.

2. Now you can see the button on the upper side of the Chrome.

3. Go to the page you want to write sentences, for me, it was twitter. I wrote down ‘Have you voted?’ and then have no idea what to say after that, so I decided to ask AI writers.

4. Now Let’s just press the Shift key twice! AI understands what was written and suggests the next sentence. They gave me three suggestions and I chose second sentence.

  • Tips: You can also choose Trump-AI Writers. Click ‘Model setting’ and choose Trump!

He also gave me three sentences filled with VOTE!

This is not all! If you tried it, you can earn AIN coins can be changed into money. Wanna try it? I once again share the link as below:

and for those who want to tutorial, we made a video so that you can easily try it! Please Watch the video and follow it."

AI chatbot is not a simple machine. It has a complicated and intelligent system that requires training from thousands of hours of experience and learning.

People and AI are interacting in a complex system, and in a very human way.

AI can help us more than it is capable of doing alone. We’ve seen a lot of AI projects have failed due to AI issues. Some of the biggest mistakes have been AI-related security and poor code quality. However, AI will always be smarter than us, and its future will be an interesting one. Humans must remember that they will interact with AI more than humans, and we have to learn how to be more sensitive with the interactions. Please try it! In a very human way!!

If you want to know more about us,




AI Network official account. Please contact me here.

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AI Network

AI Network

AI Network official account. Please contact me here.

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