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Common Computer participated in Ethereum Denver 2022 to promote AI Network and introduce AINFT and AIDAO. As we advocates open-resources, we would like to analyze the teams in the Hackathon Top 30 and share them with more developers. Part 2analyzes Top 11 to Top 20.

Top 20: IdentDeFi - A decentralized & open standard for on-chain compliance that utilizes zK proofs to retain user anonymity.

IdentDeFi is a decentralized and open standard that allows DeFi primitives to recognize compliant users.

Protocols and users are currently disincentivized to perform KYC, and lack of community action poses risk of top-down regulation of Web3 markets. IdentDeFi provides a lightweight, protocol-agnostic architecture that focuses on open, secure, privacy-preserving compliance checks. IdentDeFi utilizes decentralized ownership and governance to maximize protocol flexibility and grow with the evolving needs of DeFi markets.

Process: Users undergo KYC once, and upon verification are minted a non-transferrable NFT. Protocols can then check if a user carries a KYC NFT, allowing them to trade any permissioned or permissionless market.

Similar Web2 service: Existing KYC certification (Binance, etc)
Members: Developer-Casper Yanel, Aaron Wang

Top 19: INDAO-An Interplanetary Yield Game

It is a service that allows you to discover NFTs while proceeding with the story or purchase NFTs that are needed for the story with minted tokens to continue the story. Those who participate in the game belong to one DAO and are free to exchange information with other players and continue the story. They can expand their worldview by creating their own games, not just by participating in them.

Similar Web2 service: Among existing Internet games, item trading is actively carried out and forms one’s own power and organization (Ex. Lineage)
Similar Web3 service: BAYC
Service usage scale: 50 people
Members: Developer-Leon, Design-Cindy

Top 18: Funbugᵍᵐ - Funbugᵍᵐ is an abstract P2E engine, decentralized and ready for any developer of a small game to implement and turn the game over to the community.

Funbugᵍᵐ is an open P2E engine. Many games will inhabit the Funbug ecosystem. They’ll share one economy, but they’ll be able to award hard currency, soft currency, NFT based inventory, and a big prize pool among them.

Because this system is a public P2E engine, all games using the Funbugᵍᵐ engines are compatible with items and tokens. In other words, items from game A can also be used in game B. Since this leads to the creation of an ecosystem and economy that transcends the type of game, game developers will build a large metaverse connected by Funbugᵍᵐ.

Similar Web3 service: Gala Games
Service usage scale: 1,400 people
Members: Developer-Bradley, Planner-Cindy

Top 17: MoonScape-multiplayer Web3 ARPG built with Unreal Engine

MoonScape is a simple, Unreal-based Web3 based ARPG deployed in-broswer via a React web app, with realtime multiplayer and network replication.

This project augments Unreal Engine with web3 functionality such as wallet-based login and user management, as well as programmatic NFT minting and trading triggered via in-game events and actions.

MoonScape demonstrate this being used for a mirrored in-game + on-chain inventory system, allowing for P2P NFT trading via an MMO-style trading interface. Picking up in-game loot can also trigger the minting of a corresponding NFT for on-chain inventory. An Unreal developer could use this functionality as the basis for more complex game mechanics such as crafting.

Similar Web2 service: MMORPG games such as Lineage
Similar Web3 service: Decentraland, Cryptoblaze

Service usage scale: 300 people.
Members: Product Manager-Evan Hatch, Backend-Sam Gbafa, Unreal Engine and Frontend-Jake Johnson, Unreal Engine-Kristof Klipfel

Top 16: Proof of Meditation-App to incentivize people to take more care of their health and emotional wellbeing through meditation. Can be used as DAO Tool.

Users of this game have to meditate for 10 minutes a day. Heart rate and stress levels are delivered from wearable devices such as Fitbit to quantify meditation duration and concentration and record them as evidence of meditation. If you meditate 21 days of the month every day, you will be given a reward token. If you skip one day during the 21st challenge, the reward will be reduced. This game can be used as a DAO management tool beyond just a P2E game. Meditation can manage the mental health of DAO members because it increases work efficiency. The goal is to catch two rabbits at the same time, meditation recommendation and DAO management.

Similar Web2 service: NintendoFit
Members: Developer-GigaHierz, Meditation expert and project manager-Yip, developer and planner-Rose

Top 15: BattleZips — ZK Battleships-On-chain battleship game using circom + snarkjs.

It is an On-chain Marine Battle Game (P2E) created using Snark.js and Circim. It is a game where you can create an account by linking your wallet and various players gather to fight using their NFT battleships. Currently, code freeze is maintained. Although it is not completed, it is said that not only simple battles but also PVP and collaboration functions between players will be added when completed.

Similar Web2 service: MMORPG games like Lineage
Similar Web3 service: P2E games like AXS
Members: Developer-Jack Gilcrest

Top 14: Fracture | Constitute-Document Recovery via Trusted Social Consensus

According to the UN Refugee Organization (UNHCR), about 84 million people worldwide live as refugees regardless of their will. Refugees are often not protected when they arrive at their final destination country if they move without their ID.

To solve this problem, Fracture was created in case refugees lose their means of proving their identity or fail to bring all of them on the move. Fracture allows you to check in any country on the move and even personal information you haven’t prepared in your home country because the ID required for identity verification is recorded on the blockchain.

Similar Web2 service: Public Certificate-Although it was able to prove an individual’s identity in certain areas such as finance and transactions, it has the disadvantage that it is difficult to use in areas other than finance.
Similar Web3 service: Government COOV App-
You can verify your personal identity anywhere in Korea by recording your personal certificate on the blockchain.
Members: Developer-Mark Henderson and two others.

Top 13:Arena-Verse ,The Worlds First Smart Sport Franchise-Create a metaverse for athletics that restructures the economics empowering the players.

Young athletes suffered a lot of pressure in the process of providing maximum enjoyment to the audience at a low cost. They were often injured, and even though they suffered from diseases that could leave aftereffects for life, there was not enough healthcare support. In other words, there was no reasonable compensation system in place compared to the risks covered by athletes. To solve this problem, This project implemented a new form of token economy on the metaverse for athletes and spectators. In this project, Gathertown was used.

First, it created a plaza (arena) where athletes can interact with each other through metaverse, and built a platform where players can freely share information and knowledge. Insurance products and financial products (DeFi) for athletes were implemented on token economy. It operates the entire platform with structural governance using the tool on Web3. Players will get tokens and receive appropriate rewards as they take risks if they compete in competitions or work in the community. The economy between the athletes and the audience is formed in the above form. Through Web 3.0’s governance, all transaction processes and organizational configurations are transparently disclosed.

Similar Web2 service: People gather on the community to share information and socialize, as in the Sports People Association and the Sports People Internet Community, but they haven’t gone beyond (building economy or making financial products by writing the same token).
Members: Developer -Matty

Top 12:Blocksnap-On-chain Data Snapshots Made Easy

Blocksnap is a simple, powerful tool that makes it easy to capture snapshots of on-chain data, and utilize that data in your web3 application. A snapshot is a list of wallet addresses that have performed some on-chain action. Blocksnap makes generating these snapshots a breeze. Blocksnap currently supports ETH Mainnet, Polygon, Arbitrum and Optimism (but this approach works with any EVM compatible chain).

To generate a snapshot, just enter the contract address you wish to query and specify the event data you want to filter and capture. Blocksnap will parse through the blockchain data that matches your query and format it as a CSV file for you to download. Blocksnap will also generate a Merkle Tree of the captured data, allowing you to generate a cryptographic proof that a given wallet address exists in the snapshot you captured. This proof can be verified both off -and on-chain.

Similar Web3 service: Etherscan, Harmony Explorer
Service usage scale: Currently 100 people.
Members: Full stack developer-jayden windle, backend developer-lance krogers

Top 11: Cannon-A Hardhat plug-in for declaring on-chain dependencies and enabling multi-chain development.

Cannon is a Hardhat plug-in that allows you to configure your protocol’s scripts, keepers, and on-chain dependencies for automated provisioning and deployment. Inspired by Docker and Terraform, Cannon comes with a built-in decentralized package manager (backed on Ethereum and IPFS) so users can easily share and download automations for existing protocols. With Cannon, validating frontends, constructing prototypes, and developing integrated protocols is easier than ever.

Similar Web3 service: Hardhat, Wife
Service usage scale: 150 people
Members: Core Product Developer-Daniel, Package Manager Developer-Mati, Designer and Front End Developer-Noah

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