[Everyone’s AI] Explore AI Model #1 Prologue: Landing on Artificial Intelligence

Hello, AI network community!

I am Sung Chang-yeop, Developer Relations Engineer at Common Computer.

Have you ever said something like, “Siri, set the alarm again in five minutes” when you want to sleep more? While watching the YouTube video, you may have seen at least once that the comment, “Unknown YouTube algorithm dragged me here,” received high sympathy and was recorded at the top.

This is the time when we cannot discuss our lives except ‘AI’. We are having days of growing interest in AI and data. There are many people who are interested in related fields, but have difficulties in how to get information and share experiences. For those people, I’m going to organize the contents and share them in a series. Join me on my adventure as a hunter looking for an open-source AI model like a hidden treasure!

“We landed on the moon.”


Demis Hassabis, CEO of Google Deep Mind, who developed AlphaGo, expressed his feelings after AlphaGo won the Go match against Lee Se-dol. Before AlphaGo was developed, AI was a strange subject for us. But the AI version has changed completely since AlphaGo’s victory in 2016. The rapid progress of AI has led to the use of AI in a wide variety of areas.

The Present and Future of Artificial Intelligence

‘Javis’ appears in the movie Iron Man. Is there an AI secretary in real life who solves all the problems and understands the human mind like Jarvis? The reality is a little different from the movie. In reality, there are only AI secretaries that solve simple problems such as setting alarms.

Are you having a hard time under the pressure of the word AI?

If you study the level of AI right now and what technologies you can use to build models, and even more, if you use models that are distributed as open sources, you’ll be free from the pressure of the word AI. Let’s get through this together!

The next article is about a chatbot using NLP technology!

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