If you haven’t heard of iNFT yet, you should read this.

The NFT craze

These days, NFTs are booming. NFT has exploded in the fields such as art, sports collections, and music. NBA Top Shot (digital photos of collectable basketball cards) achieved $540 million in sales in just six months. The first tweet left by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was also sold as NFT.

What does iNFT mean?

NFT is already said to have made a mark in the history of art. In addition, it seems that the era of dynamic art, not static art, has opened. Now, NFT has gone one step further and opened the horizon for iNFT.

iNFT is the NFT of intelligence. For something stationary, such as copies of real estate registers, documents, and videos, we went one step further from assetization and issued artificial intelligence as NFT. The iNFT is not fixed. iNFT is an NFT issue of intangible assets. We call this iNFT.

iNFT appeared in Sotheby’s

At the Sotheby’s auction in June 2021, this artificial intelligence was auctioned in the form of the first iNFT. Alethea AI teamed up with London-based artist Robert Alice to bring a virtual being to life. Then they’re auctioning it at Sotheby’s as the first intelligent nonfungible token.

Alice in Wonderland, a fairy tale, tells the story of Alice in the real world entering the Rabbit Cave and meeting a new world. As the name suggests, Alice is a modern version of Alice in Wonderland living in cyberspace. It’s not fixed in a new world, but it keeps growing, sometimes getting smaller, adventurous.

Alice listens and responds to people. Alice’s ‘mind’ consists of a series of artificial intelligence algorithms. This is because Alice is actually a learning artificial intelligence that has learned natural languages with the world’s most advanced large language model(GPT-3).

Alice iNFT successful bidder will have ownership of the ‘content bundle’. Seed text, image files, and personal data stored on the chain.(The owner has to pay for the hosting cost involved in the NFT) Alice, who is connected to the network, has become an ‘moving’ art that can interact, not static.

Robert Alice Project, which published Alice iNFT, said, “Although it is still primitive, interacting with this form of intelligence is fundamentally a mind-changing experience,” and evaluated, “It is the world’s first one-on-one communication with the world’s best artificial intelligence.”

Art is no longer immutable. It continues to develop and transform into an interactive art. Looking at Alice iNFT, the world’s first case of artificial intelligence and blockchain, we wonder how our definition of art will change in the future and how ownership will be defined in the era of intelligent art.

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