JINA x AI Network Workshop

Hello, AI Network community!

On July 28, JINA and AI Network held a workshop together.

JINA is a project dealing with the Neural Search Framework. JINA provides large-scale indexing and queries for different types of data, including videos, images, text, music, source code, and PDFs.


  1. Introduction of Jina AI, Jina 2.0
    - Presenter: Florian Hönicke (Senior AI Solution Engineer, Jina AI)

2. Introduction of Jina 2.0 Legal QA / Demo
- Presenter: Jeon Hee-won(Machine Learning Engineer, SK Telecom)

3. Introduction of Jina 2.0 Search Demo & Ainize
- Presenter: Park Myung-Kyu(Software Engineer, AI Network/ Common Computer)

The recorded video will be uploaded soon. I’ll share it with you again.

Thank you!



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