My Heritage’s brings life again using Deep learning called Deep-nostalgia

My Heritage’s site introduced a technology that uses deep learning to videoize photos. We used the technology of D-ID, a company specializing in video reproduction using deep learning. It’s what we call deep-nostalgia technology.

​It’s a technique that brings life to the face of a still picture. You can do animation, where you can see them smile, blink, and turn their heads with just one photo.

Let’s make a video with Einstein’s picture. You can see that it’s reproduced well in black and white pictures.

With this technology, it is also possible to animate all faces if you upload pictures with multiple people. However, in the released version, we are making individual animations for each face one at a time. You can download each of them : )

Heritage also expressed concerns about Deepfake and asked poeple to use past photos of his family or himself instead of those taken without permission from a living person.

​Heritage even recreated a picture of Lincoln who felt like a living person in My Heritage!

A similar feature is DeOldify. We also used DeOldify technology to collaborate with French museums. You can check the posting below. It’s amazing that we can use artificial intelligence to reproduce the past so vividly.

If you want to know more about us,



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