South Korean conglomerate SK Telecom announced its plan to make ‘GPT-3 Korean version’

SK Telecom, Korea’s leading conglomerate, is said to develop a Korean artificial intelligence (AI) model with the National Institute of Korean Language. SK Telecom announced on the April 7th that it has signed a business agreement with the National Institute of Korean Language to develop a next-generation AI language model suitable for Korean.

The goal of this business agreement is to create an AI-based Universal Language Model (GLM). GLM is characterized by a more natural language expression, which can be applied to various fields such as literature, history, games, current events, and other areas, including customer centers or citizen service operations.

Currently, GPT-3 is not available in Korean, so there was a sense of distance. SK Telecom is planning to make GLM similar to GPT-3. The GLM developed by SK Telecom will be developed with 150 billion parameters. GPT-3 has 175 billion parameters, so it’s really similar. As you know, GPT-3 is an English-based AI language model that can be used in a wide range of fields such as problem solving, writing, translation, and simple coding according to given sentences. It was developed by OpenAI, which participated in the establishment of Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

SK Telecom has been developing AI language model since 2018. In 2019, KoBERT, a Korean language model, was developed and KoGPT-2 was applied to chatbot services and voice counseling. In October last year, SK Telecom developed KoBART that increased text processing capabilities. KoBART has enhanced natural language understanding and processing skills by making documents such as news articles into high-quality summaries.

“SK Telecom is developing AI language models that are suitable for Korean language,” said SK Telecom’s chief executive in a press release. He said “We will contribute to the informatization, scientificization and globalization of Korean language through cooperation with the National Institute of Korean Language. “

We are already looking forward to how the Korean version of GPT-3 will be! SK Telecom! If you need any help, please contact AI Network that has already released GPT-2 version of AI Writers!

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