[Weekly Artificial Intelligence Seoul] South Korean Game company NCsoft discusses AI ethics. ‘What are the implications of the ‘American National AI Research Cloud’?

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1. Game company NCsoft discusses AI ethics. What are the implications of the American National AI Research Cloud?

NCsoft has launched ‘AI FRAMEWORK’, a content that presents a new perspective on AI. AI FRAMEWORK is a content in which Yoon Song-yi, CSO, who has led the establishment of NC Soft’s AI Center and has explored ethical issues of high technology, meets leaders in various fields such as engineering, political science, and philosophy to share their thoughts and views.

Yoon talked with Fei-Fei Li, co-director of the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI) about innovations and regulations on AI technology. Fei-Fei Li introduced an example of HAI’s help in enacting the National Research Cloud Task Force Act for the National AI Research Cloud.Universities and companies all over the U.S joined forces to create a ‘National AI Research Cloud’. The cloud has produced results that help researchers and public sectors freely use the data they need and increase investment and support for AI research.

Paypei Lee says the law is an example of the U.S. government’s recognition that AI technology needs enough data and computing infrastructure to develop. This is why GPT-3 developed by OpenAI, which uses language models that were only dreams, is possible.

She emphasised the role of the Government as a ‘funding source’. When the Internet was first created, funding from the U.S. federal government played an important role in the launch of the first Internet, which became a tremendous catalyst for American digital innovation for more than half a century after World War II.

She also highlighted its role as a regulator. She stressed that the government should create a safety net by regulating AI technologies that can harm people, adjust them to fair competition in the market when they are commercialized, and lay a cornerstone for technology to develop in the right direction.

It is time to think about what efforts Korea is making to develop artificial intelligence.

2. Kakao Chairman Kim Bum-soo invests in artificial intelligence with his personal money!

Kakao Chairman Kim Bum-soo will start fostering artificial intelligence talent with his personal money. Chairman Kim Bum-soo earlier declared in February that he would donate more than half of his wealth to solve social problems. It was news that he would donate more than 5 trillion Korean won.

source:the giving pledge

Last month, he signed up for ‘the giving pledge’ and made his plan official. Microsoft founder Bill Gates and his wife are also joined this foundation. The first business topic of the 5 trillion won donation project is ‘Artificial Intelligence’. In particular, Chairman Kim is drawing attention because he plans to set up a foundation as a private person and carry out the project, not with Kakao’s social contribution foundation ‘Kakao Impact’.

“I’m interested in people who didn’t get a chance due to the digital education gap, people preparing for the future, and AI talent,” Chairman Kim said at a staff meeting in February. “I’m thinking about AI campus, and I’m trying to create a structure that allows me to participate offline as well as online.”

He is planning to finish forming a team soon and start a full-fledged AI talent training project. It is said that Kakao headquarters personnel and affiliates’ AI-related personnel are helping with the basic work.

3. Daejeon City introduces AI CCTV in subway!

We can watch a lot of CCTVs in daily life, but AI CCTV is unfamiliar!

Daejeon City is said to introduce ‘AI CCTV’ technology so that it can respond quickly in the event of unusual situations on Line 1.

The background of this AI CCTV is that Daejeon City and Daejeon Metro were selected as the ‘Open Mobile Edge Computing-based Technology Demonstration Project’ organized by the Ministry of Science and ICT and signed an agreement to carry out the project. MEC is a technology that processes data on-site and reduces transmission distance to implement ultra-fast and ultra-low delay services.

AI CCTV incorporates MEC-based AI Edge computer technology into urban railways. This system is a system that allows AI CCTV to detect abnormal behavior such as assault, fainting, and not wearing a mask in real time and then inform the central control room and driver’s office to respond.

It will be a system that can prevent dangerous events in advance because CCTV can tell us dangerous situations in real time! It’s too late if you turn the CCTV around after an accident! I hope it will be a CCTV that can contribute to the safety of citizens with AI!

4. NHN launches face recognition service,accelerating its AI business

NHN has launched a face recognition service developed using its own AI technology. The face recognition service introduced by NHN is developed based on machine learning technology, enabling face detection, analysis, comparison, and identity verification. NHN will apply the newly released face recognition service to the entrance gate of NHN’s office building first and use it when employees enter. Even if you don’t have a separate pass, you can check your identity and access through face matching with photos of executives and employees registered in the system.

Last year, NHN also introduced an AI supervisor system for hiring. It is also said that it will establish a more advanced unmanned recruitment system environment by incorporating face recognition services. NHN Edu’s NSAT online competition, which will be held in July this year, will also use ‘AI face recognition’ in the process of identifying candidates. This system allows you to identify and verify a person with only a face without requiring additional tools. Can you believe the machine supervises the test?

5. AI corrects English!

Wordvice, an AI automatic English correction service startup, announced that it has launched a beta service of ‘Wordvice AI,’a real-time AI automatic English correction solution based on natural language processing (NLP) and deep learning. Wordvice offers master’s and doctorate-level expert English correction services in 224 countries around the world. Wordvice AI calibration service released this time is said to automatically correct user’s English sentences based on English big data. You can check the typos, grammar, and punctuation in the English text, check the reason for correction, and improve the flow of contents through appropriate vocabulary and style recommendations.

Corrected English text can be downloaded in MS Word form and is available to anyone who needs English writing in academic and business emails to students studying English writing!

6. AI Network held its first discussion at the clubhouse under the theme of ‘Lee-luda Privacy and Privacy of Data’.

The developer of AI chatbot ‘Lee-luda’ which caused controversy over the unauthorized use of personal information, ended up paying a fine of 13.3 million won and a fine. It’s the first case of an AI company’s violation of personal information.

On May 1, We held a discussion with Kim Min-hyun, CEO of Common Computer, on the subject of data privacy issues and the open-source AI model with Lee-luda case.

Discussions were held on difficulties from the perspective of AI startups, the role of the government, and the direction of blockchain utilization. For more information, please find the link below.^^

7. What if you adapt the novel ‘Pride and Prejudice’ with AI?

The open-source AI model introduced by AI Network this week was an adaptation model for ‘Pride and Prejudice’. When someone read a novel, the novel flows in a different direction than I want, and I think, ‘Oh, if this is how the story goes…Have you ever thought that?

To relieve this frustration, AI models have been created to learn novels and change stories in personally.

The novel chosen by this model is Pride and Prejudice. Elizabeth, the heroine of this novel, felt arrogant in her first encounter with Darcy, and her prejudice gradually hardened and mixed. But after countless incidents Darcy puts down his arrogance, Elizabeth clears up the misunderstanding and finally the two fall in love. If the outcome of the incident changed, would their love have come true? Why don’t you try it yourself and spread your imagination? If you want to know how, please click on the link below!

8. Develop AI model without coding? Teachable NLP Challenge!

The Teachable NLP Challenge is for everyone interested in learning and creating their own artificial intelligence natural language processing (NLP) model without coding for free through Teachable AI. Teachable AI is a service that helps users easily create their own NLP models. When users enter text data, they can create creative NLP models using Ainize, an open-resource solution platform based on blockchain!

Participants in the Teachable NLP Challenge can participate in Ligue 1 and Ligue 2. Ligue 1 is a league that makes models made of Teachable NLP, and Ligue 2 is a league that suggests the idea of NLP models. The result can be submitted in Korean or English.

This competition is open to anyone if they prepare a dataset. in the form of good ideas and texts without knowledge of coding or AI.

Anyone can participate in this event through the website of “Eyes” until 1 p.m. on May 19, so please participate a lot! For your information, the winner will receive Apple Store Gift Card, Video Portfolio Production, Idea Service and Kakao Gift Certificate!

9. Why did a developer who studied ‘Philosophy’ create an AI model of Pride and Prejudice? (Video)

The ‘Pride and Prejudice’ model We introduced above is a model made by a developer who studied ‘Philosophy’. Let’s hear what she thought about the model.

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