[Weekly Artificial Intelligence] Naver Announces Super-Large AI Model ‘Hyperclova’

  1. Naver announces ultra-large AI model ‘Hyperclova’

On May 25, Naver hosted “Naver AI Now,” a live show to share the present and future of Naver AI technology. The Hyperclova, an ultra-large AI model comparable to Elon Musk’s open AI, was unveiled here.

Until now, the representative of the ultra-large AI language model was GPT-3, but now it is possible to use ultra-large AI models that surpass GPT-3 language models in Korean.

Through this presentation, we were able to check the direction of AI network once again. You can see more from the post below. : )

2. Korean National Assembly holds a public hearing on ‘Portal Algorithm’…Democratic Party of Korea proposed an algorithm disclosure law.

You can see a lot of news in search engines such as Naver and Daum, which are used a lot in Korea. The news that comes up on the main page is news that many people can’t help but hear. It has always been a heated debate about whether people intervene artificially or not when arranging these news.

The National Assembly’s Science, Technology, Information, Broadcasting and Communication Committee held a public hearing on the 27th May to discuss the recently debated portal news arrangement algorithm. The ruling party now claims that the portal is politically biased in its exposure to the news.

As a result, a bill has been proposed to mandate the disclosure of algorithms that edit news arrays.

Lee Won-wook, a member of the Democratic Party of Korea, has
proposed a revision to the Information and Communication Network Act, which requires the portal to submit editing algorithms such as news and advertisements to the Minister of Science and ICT and the chairman of the Korea Communications Commission every year.

Will there be less controversy after revealing AI’s news arrangement algorithm?

3. Microsoft Announces First Product Based on GPT-3

Microsoft unveiled the latest features and updates to the collaboration platform ‘Teams’ at its annual developer conference “Build 2021” held online on the 27th May.

“Microsoft’s goal is to be a platform for platform creators,” said Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft in a keynote speech. “We will provide tools and services for all developers, apps and platforms.”

‘Azure Cognitive Service’ that can apply artificial intelligence to apps has also been shared, and the natural language AI model ‘GPT-3’ has also been applied to the office app ‘Power Apps’. GPT-3 is the latest AI language model based on English developed by Open AI.

As a result, even developers who don’t know the code can develop the app through natural language. To put it more simply, a platform will be released that allows developers to develop programs with only the language they use in their daily lives.

Artificial intelligence replaces human speech with the language of computers and automatically proceeds with coding! Microsoft is planning to release an English preview version of the feature starting in North America at the end of June, so we’ll be able to use it soon!

4. Artificial intelligence mapped dark matter!

The international joint research team led by Dr. Hong Sung-wook of the Korea Astronomical Research Institute predicted the density distribution of dark matter within 100 million light years of our galaxy by applying deep learning technology to more than 1900 external galaxy information.

Dark matter is a substance that is invisible but indirectly assumed to exist in the universe because of its mass. It’s a material that accounts for about 25% of the energy that makes up the universe. Through this study, the researchers have identified the huge structure of the universe around our galaxy with a resolution of 3 million light years.

What kind of picture can we draw when artificial intelligence meets the universe?

5.Artificial intelligence that writes your resume instead!

If you are preparing to get a job or change jobs, writing a resume is inevitable.

Human resources managers look at the resumes of numerous applicants. To appeal to them, you have to explain your career and achievements so far. It’s easy to be at a loss what to write and how to write a resume.

We would like to introduce a resume generation model for developers who are more difficult to write introducing themselves than coding.

6. Samsung Electronics-Bayer are investing in ‘Ada Health’, an application called ‘AI doctor’

It is news that Samsung Electronics and German pharmaceutical giant Bayer have invested in Ada Health, an application development startup that acts as ‘artificial intelligence doctors’.

Ada Health said it has attracted $90 million in investment through its recent recruitment. Samsung Electronics participated as an investor through Samsung Capitalist Fund, an in-house venture capital.
Samsung picked ‘bio’ as one of the core capabilities of the group. Recently, news came out that Samsung BioLogics, an affiliate of Samsung Group, will be in charge of producing complete ‘corona vaccine’ of vaccine developer Moderna.

Artificial intelligence meets bio!

7. AI Network Issues Artificial Intelligence Composed Music NFT with Poza Labs!

Music composed by artificial intelligence will be available through NFT.

AI Network collaborated with artificial intelligence composition company Poza Labs to issue music composed by artificial intelligence as an irreplaceable token (NFT) to the NFT trading platform Opensea.

By utilizing blockchain encryption technology, the music composed by artificial intelligence was given unique identification information and made it a digital asset.

Artificial intelligence composition music NFT buyers will be copyrighted to music that exceeds the quality of human-made music among music composed by artificial intelligence. You can also get a premium account for the world’s first artificial intelligence subscription service, which will be released by Poza Labs. With a premium account, you can receive exclusive music generated by artificial intelligence once a month. You can also download more than 10,000 songs composed by artificial intelligence for free.

8. Timnit gebru’s Datasheets for Datasets @ Clubhouse

We have time to discuss various stories about artificial intelligence every week.

Last week’s topic was Timnit gebru and her data model. While working for Google, she co-led an AI ethics team with Margaret Mitchell and conducted various research to create ethical AI. Among them, gebru co-authored ‘On the Risk of Probabilistic Parrots: Can the Language Model Be Too Large?(On the Danvers of Stochastic Parrots: Can Language Models Be Too Big?)’. This was the paper that led to gebru’s dismissal.

Jeff Dean, Google’s vice president and senior fellow, took issue with gebru’s submission to the conference without giving the company enough time to review the paper and pointing to the issue of carbon emissions and bias in large-scale AI language models.

We’ve summarized some of the related content and stories about ‘Datasheets for Datasets’.

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