What if someone you love comes back to chatbot? Microsoft wants to challenge that.

Microsoft has patented the creation of a chatbot that uses personal information of the dead. This patent is based on creating a bot service that uses personal information such as image, voice data, social media posts and electronic messages of deceased people. This means that the personal information of deceased friends, relatives, acquaintances, celebrities, and historical figures can all be found here.

Microsoft explains, “A particular user can create a chatbot that matches itself (I.e. the person that is creating or training a chatbot)”. If such user dies, this chatbot can represent that person in the event of its death . Microsoft even included 2D or 3D models of a particular person in this patent.

In the British drama “Black Mirror,” the episode “Be Right Back” also conveys this idea. This episode tells a story of a young woman making a chatbot based on her dead lover’s data and eventually making a robot.

In fact, singer Kanye West also bought holograms of Robert Kardashian, her wife Kim Kardashian´s deceased father to celebrate her 40th birthday in October 2020. The digital reincarnation of the dead, who can communicate with the living, may be a routine. What Microsoft will do with this patent will be eye-catching.

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